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Peace, Purpose and Partnership

October 11 | $37

Exclusive opportunity to get coaching from Love Coach, Candice Harper!

This workshop will teach and inspire emotional fitness tools to women who only want a relationship if it’s a
healthy one. You will gain
Increased personal joy and fulfillment.
Healthy relationships.
Studies show that when women are clear about their purpose and in a state of peaceful self-
acceptance, they are more apt to be intentional, committed to self-care and able to attract
passion/compassion in their relationships/partnerships. What often stands in the way is a lack
of personal confidence, disempowering contexts and beliefs, or an inability to resolve conflicts
in a way that creates a win for all parties involved.
Candice has developed a series of interactive exercises that teach women how to
become purposeful and committed to taking responsibility for their own experience and
transform unworkable love lives. We also inspire attendants to nurture their self-acceptance,
while learning how to create intimate, communicative relationships that authentically support
their endeavors.

Enroll now for this powerful 2-hour workshop! Seating is limited!

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