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The Inner Edge


SCHEDULE: (MUST attend both dates)

DAY 1 – Saturday, June 8 – program starts at 10 am and ends at 6 pm

DAY 2 – Sunday, June 9 – program starts at 10 am and ends at 6 pm

(Also offering Inner Edge on September 7 & 8. Information & registration can be found here.)

UNLEASH YOUR INNER EDGE! This program is designed to help women entrepreneurs and other professionals explore their edge, the place where they feel comfortable taking bigger risks to achieve more than they could ever imagine.

Have you started a business and could use a little inspiration to take it to the next level? Or maybe you have an idea or are seeking to take your career in a new direction and need support to take the steps to make it happen?

Do you need help getting clarity on your purpose, committed to your goals and confident in your vision? Then The Inner Edge is for you!

The Inner Edge is an experiential training program focused on helping you create a new definition of what success looks like for you. Our unique approach takes you to the ‘the edge’, the place where you feel comfortable taking bigger risks to achieve more than you could ever imagine.

In this workshop you will:

– Uncover the way you view yourself in relation to others and the world

– Reprogram your internal dialogue for greater focus, energy and effectiveness

– Accelerate your business performance

– Build capacity and achieve greater success

– Develop a deeper understanding of what motivates and stops you

– Uncover your strengths and areas of opportunity

– Learn how to create strategic partnerships to grow your business or career

– Discover new insights about yourself and put them directly into action

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The Growth Zone

Mini-Workshop Series

GROW YOUR MINDSET! This mini-workshop series will provide the opportunity to focus on a specific aspect of what it takes to be successful and fulfilled as a business owner or leader. Each workshop features a subject matter expert on a topic of interest to entrepreneurs. The format is a one-hour informative, interactive workshop with time before and after for networking and relationship building. Get “into the zone” with us once per month and feed your heart, mind and soul with information you can use immediately!

Program Schedule for 2019

April 2019 (date to be announced)
Breaking Barriers to Success –  A panel discussion with executive female trailblazers in business.


May 2019 (date to be announced)
Building Partnerships That Will Change the Course of Your Business
Ramona Cedeno, CEO FiBrick Financial Services

June 2019 (date to be announced)
Burnout and Self Care
Vanessa Kensing, LCSW, CASAC

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